Addiction to anything, be it alcohol or drugs is a rather dangerous habit. In fact, the paths that you could be lead down due to addiction will cause even permanent damages in your life, that often cannot be recovered by trying even the strongest methods to overcome. Therefore, as a responsible individual, it is important that you are wise and careful when it comes to alcohol consumption. If you consider yourself an occasional alcohol consumer and do not think that it will lead you down the wrong path, then you may consider yourself saved. Yet, it is always better to completely stay away from the cause rather than falling into a pit full of fire and struggling to climb out. In order to do so, you will first need to identify the causes of it; below are some of the causes that could lead you to addiction.


Stress and anxiety are two things that you would experience at same point in your life. It is by any means an option for you to decide whether or not your stress will come and go. It is simply a stage or multiple stages in life situations that lead you to it. Therefore, coping up with it often seems too difficult. This is when most people decide to turn to a remedy they believe will help them get over it and most seem to believe that its alcohol. However what one must keep in mind is that it is only a temporary remedy and not something that will help you in the long run.

Family history

Family history cold refer to your ancestors and even parents finding it difficult to be torn away from alcohol. There are families that consider drinking so important that they bond through it. However, what they need to understand is that rather than bonding, they are paving way for this bond to be broken rather soon as many side effects are to arise due to it. Therefore, if you believe that you are at the verge of addiction, simply attend alcohol and drug programs warrnambool in order to be educated.


These habits could be passed down from families, friends and acquaintances. Most people become addicted or at least begin drinking from an early age. The side effect of this become the fact that you keep getting addicted as you grow older and therefore become too dependent on this substance. Therefore, it is your duty to have control over your life.

Wrong beliefs

Alcohol is not a medicine! Most seem to believe so and consumer it to get through pain. If you truly are in pain, consult a doctor, a counselor, someone who can guide you through it; not a substance that would take you further down the trap. Therefore, save your life because it is only in your hands.


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